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We're passionate about changing society for the better, so that people with  restricted growth can have the same opportunities as everyone else.

By clicking on the button below you can download a report on ‘Living with  Restricted Growth’, produced by Tom Shakespeare, Michael Wright and Sue  Thompson from Newcastle University. This report is the result of a research  project carried out in collaboration with the Restricted Growth Association and  funded by the Big Lottery Fund in 2007.

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Dr Will Christian is one of the RGA's expert medical advisors.  A paediatric emergency consultant at University Hospital Bristol, Dr Christian talks about what restricted growth, or Dwarfism, is and provides advice on how to access medical services. He also discusses how his achondroplasia affected him growing up.  


How you can help

As a small charity we are always looking for support.There are lots of ways you can get involved with our work. Make a regular donation, run a fundraising event for us, get your company involved or even work as a volunteer for the charity.


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Jeans for Genes are a UK charity that provides funding for the care and support of children with genetic disorders. There are over 400 distinct genetic conditions which cause dwarfism.  The most common form of dwarfism is achondroplasia.

Jeans for Genes have supported and funded the RGA in the work that we do with children who have dwarfism.